Vision Nearheal

Nearheal assumes the vision to enable the community to enjoy world-class health service within its reach. Nearheal envisions self-sustaining local communities being capable of producing the highest quality health services for themselves.

To realise this vision, Nearheal maintains active engagement with the members of the community as well as local health service providers to be their most trusted destination for obtaining accurate and insightful knowledge and information regarding health services within their community.

To enable world-class service delivery, Nearheal is utmost committed to maintaining a close working relationship with the health service providers to equip them with the latest technological capabilities to optime the cost as well as to enhance the quality of health services.

Mission Nearheal

Nearheal is a Sydney-based Australian health technology startup working compassionately to build an innovative, resilient, and competitive health service eco-system in Australia. Team Nearheal is highly dedicated and committed to fostering building a self-adaptive and agile community that will thrive for nurturing a sustainable health service system.

Nearheal Values:

  • Fairness

  • Equality

  • Justice

Nearheal’s Goals and objectives

  • To reach the health service seekers within the local community with authentic, accurate, and insightful information about health service providers.

  • To build a dynamic culture of excellence among the health services providers through relentless persuasion and diffusion of service innovation.

  • To pursue micro-level service innovation and optimization aiming for system-level impact benefiting local communities.