Nearheal 1.0 Release: Privacy Policy V1.0

Privacy is the topmost priority at Nearheal. Your privacy is extremely important to us. 

Nearheal maintains utmost commitment to protecting the privacy of the personal information of the user of Nearheal platform. We take our responsibility for safeguarding sensitive personal information extremely seriously, and we’ve taken precautions to ensure that it’s kept secure and that our processing and use of it is totally transparent. The Australian Privacy Principles govern and regulate the method of handling the personal information following the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) (Cth).  

Our Privacy Policy elaborates explicitly the kind, nature and type of information Nearheal assimilates, compiles, collects, gathers, harness and records, and the method and purpose of the utilization of the obtained information. In case you have further enquiries, concerns, questions or require additional information related to Nearheal’s Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us. This Privacy Policy solely or directly applies to our related online and business activities and to information collected or/and shared by visitors to the website in Nearheal. By any means this policy does not apply to information collected during offline or through sources that are not this website or other websites.

Consent and agreement of use of the website

Through using the website, it is considered that you have agreed and have given consent to the privacy policy and the terms stated within. The reasons for requesting disclosure of personal information will be explained with clarity at the time of the request being made. In case of your direct contact, additional information about you including your name, phone number, email address, substances or the content of your message and/or any correspondence related to your communication including files sent to us or any other data or information that you decided to share with us may be obtained by us in case you specifically instruct us otherwise. You need to supply your name, organisations name, address, phone number and email address to create an Account with us.

What is the purpose of Nearheal collecting and using your personal data? 

Nearheal collects, utilises or uses information that may related to you or your personal information to create, maintain, provide or deliver the services your requested services.

Your personal information may also be used by Nearheal: 

to make it easier for you to communicate with health experts and their practices, such as reminding you of a forthcoming appointment, confirming a reservation, or providing you with information about your health services, for the purposes of analysis and quality assurance on a de-identified basis; to provide information on the use and functionality of the Nearheal platform to health service professionals and their practices; pharmacies, NDIS providers, allied health service providers, VET service providers, personal care service providers for the analysis of de-identified data to aid us improving our products and services, as well as the experience of our users, including by tracking aggregate metrics like traffic, total no. of visitors, demographic information or pattern for the purpose of security and superior information quality, implementing access controls, monitoring potentially fraudulent or suspicious or malicious activity, and to identify violations of Nearheal’s Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service; and for any other applications or  uses that are communicated or disclosed to you at the time we obtained or collect your information that you consent, or to which the law authorises or requires. 

Nearheal uses your information in the following ways: 

We use the data we collect in several ways, including: 

  • Nearheal platform is developed, maintained, provided, operated, and managed by us.
  • Nearheal platform will be expanded with new services, improved, personalised, customized and scaled.
  • Assess, evaluate and recognize your nature of using Nearheal platform.
  • Avoid, predict, detect and address fraud.
  • Files of Logs for managing robust cyber security and information system governance.

Personal Information Protection policy 

Who should be reading this privacy statement? 

The Nearheal platform has been developed by Maturedge Pty Limited (ACN: ) (Nearheal, we or us) to support the local communities to avail information related to health service practitioners and facilitate engagement between health service seekers and service providers. If you choose to use the services offered by Nearheal platform including online booking, message, form submission, etc., you should read this privacy statement. Nearheal offers a variety of services, which are generally available through Nearheal website and related web applications (Nearheal Network) or through the websites and web/mobile applications of our users.  

If you choose to use the Nearheal platform, this Privacy Policy elaborates and explains the method and the purpose of collecting, storing, using and disclosing your personal information by Nearheal and the process of contacting or notifying Nearheal in case you have any queries, concerns, questions regarding our approach of handling and/or managing  personal information related to you obtained by Nearheal and/or if you would intend to access to the personal information Nearheal have about you. 

The Nearheal platform provides the following features: 

  • a national online system for appointments with health professionals, including but not limited to NDIS providers, healthcare practices, general practitioners, pharmacies, allied health services, and other organised or incorporated or accredited bodies that deliver and/or provide health services (health professionals), which we have been contracted or whose data we have obtained from authentic, reliable and credible publicly available sources. 
  • Patients utilising the Nearheal platform will have user profiles that will retain and allow them to store, access and manipulate pertinent health information about health services providers. 

At Nearheal, we pursue continuous innovation and adaptation of services to best match the demand from the various agents and stakeholders of the health systems, that may include our valued users (health service providers and service receiver or the customers of the health service providers). Nearheal may enact changes or introduce a new service at any time, eligible users should read the relevant documents including terms and conditions and privacy policy to obtain more information regarding the privacy policy of the introduced services.  

When Nearheal collects personal and sensitive data via any web application such as online booking, it will handle your personal and sensitive data in accordance with the guidelines enforced by the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act. Nearheal’s commitment to privacy ensured safe, ethical, and robust management of your sensitive and personal and Nearheal will collect your consent share your data with the applicable health professionals at Nearheal (or service providers and their affiliates as applicable and relevant by health professionals or professionals at Nearheal) with whom you have chosen to make an interaction.  

Obtain assurances from health providers who utilise the Nearheal platform services that your personal information will be handled in line with applicable privacy regulations. Unless directed by the Privacy Agreement, you may not use, disclose, or control your personal and sensitive information in any other way.  

To create and/or develop new services, products, features, functions and capabilities, Nearheal may contact and/or communicate with you, either directly or via one of our partners, contractors, for a range of purposes or reasons, that may include customer support, delivering and/or providing you with website updates and other information, promotional and marketing objectives.  

Privacy Rights under the CCPA (Do Not Sell My Personal Information) 

Nearheal has adopted the Californian law which has retained the right of the user to control and/or restrict the utilization or use of their personal data, as per the CCPA guidelines, user retains the capacity to effectively enact the below listed actions: 

  • Request a company to reveal the categories and precise pieces of personal data that has been acquired and/or collected a consumer’s data.
  • Request that a company to deletes any personal information related to a customer that it has accessed and/or gathered.
  • Request that a company selling a customer’s data to not to sell the customer’s data.
  • If you submit a request, within one month you will receive a response. Please contact us directly if you wish to exercise and/or apply any of these rights.

Rights to Data Protection under the GDPR 

Nearheal wants to ensure you understand your data protection rights in a comprehensive and complete manner. Each of our user has the below rights:  

  • The right to access and/or obtain information – You have the complete right to access and/or obtain copies of your personal information. A small service fee may apply.
  • The right to correction – You have the right to make a request that any information that you understand and/or believe is incorrect to amended as per your request for correction. You also have the right to request us to complete any gaps in the information you find is missing.
  • The right to be forgotten – Under some situations or circumstances, you have the right to request to delete your data.
  • The right to data restriction – Under certain situations or circumstances, you have the right to request that we refrain the processing of your data.
  • The right to object to processing – Under certain situations or circumstances, you have the right to object to our processing of personal data.
  • The right to data portability – Under some situations or circumstances, you have the right to make a request that we transfer the data we have acquired to you directly or other organisation.
  • You will receive a response within one month of your submission of request. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us.

Information for children policy 

Nearheal maintains utmost priority to prevent misuse of personal information of minor or children.

Parents and guardians are advised and/or encouraged to monitor, observe, engage, participate in, and/or supervise and manage the online activities of their children. Nearheal does not collect personal identifiable information of children under the age of 13. If you are concerned about and/or believe your child has supplied and/or provided identifiable information via Nearheal website, we strongly recommend you notify us (Nearheal team) immediately to take necessary actions to delete the information.

What kind of data does Nearheal gather? 

Which of our services you use and the information you choose to supply determine what personal information we gather? You may opt to contribute personal information to Nearheal while using the Nearheal platform for interactions with health experts, or other community service providers or when creating your personal profile, and we may gather personal information such as: 

  • your given name.
  • date of your birth.
  • your contact information (e.g., address, email, and phone number).
  • your Medicare number and other information.
  • de-identified technical data on the devices or technical medium you use to access the Nearheal Network, such as your login data, IP address, browser information, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in versions and types, operating system and platform, and any other technology; and

To aid us measuring the traffic and usage trends for our products and services, we may obtain and/or gather web analytics using third-party analytics tools or data directly. These programs collect data from your browser or mobile device, such as the pages you visit and other data that helps us improve our goods and services. We collect and use this analytics data in aggregate such that it cannot be reasonably manipulated to identify any specific individual user. 

If you use the Nearheal platform as a health practitioner/ service provider, we will access, obtain or collect information related to you, about you and your practice to facilitate, manage and optimise services offered to you by Nearheal platform. 

We usually get your personal information from you directly. Nearheal may obtain your personal information in a variety of methods, including through phone and email. 

Third parties may also provide us with information, such as: 

  • family members, legal guardians, and/or anybody else you have given permission to give us your personal information; and
  • In connection with the management of appointments you have made and health services you have requested, health professionals and their practices.

Cookies policy 

Nearheal uses ‘cookies’ that are used to save information such as preferences of the visitor and the pages of the website they visited or browsed. We tend to improve the users’ experience by tailoring our web page content following visitors’ browser nature, type and/or other information. Nearheal utilises log files following industry standards. When people visit websites, these files maintain track of who they are. This is performed by all hosting firms, and it is part of their analysis. Internet protocol (IP) addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamp, browser type, referring/exit pages, and the number of clicks may include the data compiled by log files. There is no relation and/or connection between the compiled log files and identifiable information. The purpose of collecting the information is to evaluate trends, tracking users’ movements and operating the site and compiling demographic data. 

DART Cookie from Google DoubleClick  

One of the third-party providers on Nearheal site is Google. It also employs DART cookies to implement target advertisements to Nearheal website users based on their visits to and other websites on the internet. Visitors may, however, may choose to decline the use of DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy at

Privacy Policies applicable for Promotion Partners of Nearheal 

Ad networks and third-party ad servers or deploys and/or employ technologies such as cookies, Web Beacons or JavaScript in their adverts and links on Nearheal, which are delivered directly to users’ browsers. During this procedure your IP address is supplied to them immediately. These technologies are used to evaluate and/or assess and/or tailor to tailor the advertising material you see on websites you visit and the efficacy of the advertising campaigns. By any means, it is very important to disclose that Nearheal has no control or access to these third-party cookies. 

Third party Advertisement Partners 

Web beacons and cookies may be utilized by some of the advertisers within Nearheal website. Each of our advertising partners maintains their own Privacy Policy regarding user data. We have included a link to our advertising partner below for your convenience. 

List of privacy policy of Advertising partners 

Privacy Policies of Third Parties 

Nearheal’s Privacy Policy does not cover other advertisers or websites.  Therefore, we advise that you should read the Privacy Policies of these third-party ad servers for further information about the policies and directions on how to opt out of particular selections or alternatives. You will be able to disable cookies through your browser’s preferences. Detailed information regarding the cookie management with various web browsers can be found on the webpages of the respective browsers. 

 A cookie is a little text file placed on your device by the Nearheal to store information. We may use persistent cookies (which stay on your computer after you close your browser) to store information that will help you utilise the Commonwealth booking platform more quickly in the future. To help manage the display and presentation of information on the Commonwealth booking platform, we may utilise session cookies (which expire when you close your browser). By selecting the relevant settings on your browser or in the settings area of your mobile or tablet device, you can refuse to accept cookies.

Third-party partners of Nearheal maintain their own Privacy Policy. Below is the link to the privacy policies for your convenience of our third party. 

List of privacy policy of Third party

Personal data sharing policy 

When you use the Nearheal platform to schedule appointments, bookings or performs any sort of engagement of interactions with health experts, nearheal will share your personal information with the health professionals you choose and their practises to schedule those appointments. When it comes to the use of your personal information by health professionals, they must follow all applicable privacy regulations. However, we have no control over and are not liable for how your information is used by the health professionals registered at Nearheal platform. Review a health professional’s privacy policy to discover more about how they may utilise your information. 

Other people to whom Nearheal may disclose your personal information include: 

third-party service providers (such as IT and software service providers, Data analysts for analysis and quality assurance, security entities that reduce risks and block suspicious behavior, such as Google reCAPTCHA, and our professional advisers, such as lawyers and auditors), but only for the purpose of providing goods or services to us. We demand that our third-party service providers adhere to applicable privacy limits and that they only have access to personal information as needed to offer goods or services to us. Nearheal holds the right to hold any parties legally accountable who are found to misuse the data obtained by the Nearheal platform. Courts, law enforcement officers, regulatory authorities, tribunals, and as deemed required by law in relation to any ongoing or future legal actions, or to defend, exercise, or establish, our legal rights; and any parties, people or individual who have been notified or informed to you while we obtained your personal information, to those parties, party, or whom you have deliberated your consent, or to whom we are obligated or entitled or required by law to produce, supply, disclose or communicate information related to you or your personal information. 

Data quality and security 

Nearheal shall take the best possible steps to ensure that any personal information we collect, use, or disclose about you is accurate, complete, and up to date. However, we rely on the accuracy of the personal information you input or that third parties provide to us. 

Nearheal will take reasonable precautions to secure your personal information from unauthorised disclosure, modification, or access, as well as from misuse, interference, and loss. Security measures implemented by Nearheal include: 

  • Physical security, such as access control procedures to our business premises; and
  • Site monitoring, network firewalls, intrusion detection, password protection, encryption are all examples of IT security practices.
  • We save your personal information in an encrypted electronic format on secure servers in Australia.

Nearheal will only retain your personal information for the duration it is reasonably necessary to comply with the reasons for which it was accessed, obtained, acquired, including to fulfil any legal, tax, regulatory, accounting, or reporting obligations as directed by regulatory authorities. In case of an event for legal reasons or a complaint made, we may keep your personal information for a longer amount of time. 

We take into consideration the sensitivity, volume and the nature of the personal information, the potential risk of adversarial impact or harm from unauthorised access, use or disclosure of information related to you and/or your personal information, the intention or the purposes for which we utilize or process personal information related to you and the plausibility of achieving the purposes through alternative means or approaches, and the relevant and/or applicable regulatory, legal, accounting, taxation or other requirements at the time of  determining the necessary and appropriate retention period for personal information of concern. 

Your personal information can be accessed, deleted, or corrected. 

If Nearheal obtains and/or collects your sensitive and personal information on behalf of a Government Agency, information that is retained by Nearheal will be governed following protocols of the CBP Agreement. 

You have the right to make the following requests: 

  • gaining access to your personal data; or
  • that any inaccuracies in your information are corrected.

In extraordinary circumstances, we may experience legislative and other institutional objections, restrictions or restraints that may affect our capacity to comply with a request you make regarding your personal information. Nearheal will maintain the highest transparency to ensure your maximum awareness and update with the status of the circumstance. Further, Nearheal will guarantee all kinds of support to ensure your rights for your information. For example, we may be obligated to keep certain information that you want to be deleted for a variety of reasons, due to legal obligations. If there are any of these reasons for refusing a request for your personal information, we will inform you of them when you make your request. 

If we agree to your request for your personal information to be deleted, we will do so, but it may affect your capacity to use the services available at Nearheal platform. As a result, the possibilities of you being contacted in the future when your data is gathered in unrelated situations will be reduced. You have the option of notifying us if you do not want us to do so. 

If you seek a change to your personal information and Nearheal declines, we will send your declaration of the proposed changes with your personal information. 

You can contact our Privacy Officer if you want to gain access to, delete, or make changes to your personal information (details below). 

If you request access to your personal information, Nearheal may charge a fair fee for the time and cost of gathering, preparing, and photocopying materials for you. 

You can withdraw your agreed consent regarding handling your personal information or consent to receive information at your choice at any time, thereafter, we will act to cease continue the activities that you previously consented, unless there is a regulatory or legal reason to validate our continued handling of your personal information for the concerned purpose, you will be notified in case this type of situation arises at any given circumstances.

Complaints and enquiries 

If you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if Nearheal refuses to offer you the access to personal information related to you, or if you have any concern or wish to place a complaint about Nearheal’s data processing methods, please contact us using the information provided below. 

You need to produce a written complaint to Nearheal if you want to complain about how we have used or handled your personal information. Within thirty (30) days of receiving a complaint, we will react in writing directed to the contact details provided at Nearheal platform, if you aim to be contacted in a separate contact address you need to advise us accordingly and need to supply the necessary contact details. We will update you and engage you throughout the investigation process to derive the accurate conclusion which you have the right to accept, deny with a request to reassess articulating your points of disagreement. Please contact us so that we may discuss your issues in depth. 


If your complaint is not handled, you have the option of contacting the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office (OAIC). The OAIC’s website,, has contact information. 


How can you reach us? 

By letter: Maturedge Pty Ltd, Privacy Officer, 3/8 Mackie St, Coniston, NSW 2500, Australia.  

By email: info[email protected] is the email address to contact.